Sunday, February 16, 2014

100 happy days

Often we are too busy with our life that we forget to be happy.
Or perhaps we set expectations that are too high, making it impossible to be happy with the little things in life. 

I think, waking up to another day, alive and well is at least one good reason to be happy. 

If u have a spouse and family who love u unconditionally, that is a reason to be grateful. 

Be thankful and happy with the complete wardrobe, food on the table and money in the wallet.

I stumbled upon this : 

I think this is a brilliant way to take note of all the small and simple things in our life that keep us happy. 

Some nice and kind people out there have came up with this. I believe they are trying to make this world a happier place to live in.

I have registered and been doing this for a week. 
I find it very helpful. So I usher everyone to check this out and give it a try. 

Lets be happy and change the cruel world into a happy place.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

nestum cheese layer cake with blueberry topping

Ni recipe plg senang dalam dunia. Serious tak tipu. 

Bahan2 ada 5 jenis je.
yg dlm bekas bulat tu blueberry topping ye. Beli yg ready made punye kat kedai jual bahan bakeri.

Mula2 masukkan cream cheese dan separuh tin susu pekat manis dalam mixer bowl.

Kacau dgn mixer ni sampai sebati. 
Tadi sy kacau skejap je dlm 2-3 minit

Rendam biskut dalam susu. 
Jangan rendam lama sgt sbb nanti biskut jadi lembik n hancur. Rendam beberapa saat je.

Susun dlm loyang atau bekas yg disukai. Bekas 4 segi senang sket rasanya. Susun macam dlm gambar ni ok.

Layer kedua pula ialah lapisan cream cheese yg dah dipukul bersama susu pekat manis. 

Layer ketiga.. taburkan nestum seperti dlm gambar di bawah

Bila dah habis susun semua biskut n cream cheese tu td, lapisan atas skali letakkan blueberry topping. Buatlah seni abstrak mengikut kreativiti masing2 bagi mencantikkan layer cake tu.

Ok. Siap!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Makaroni Bakar

1st entry for 2014.
Resipi masakan. Sebab saye suke masak (selain bershopping).
Masak boleh menggembirakan hati :)

Saya buat makaroni bakar hari tu.
Tadaaaa...inilah hasilnye...

Nampak macam sedap kan. Hehehe

Resipinye senang saja.


3 biji bwg putih
1biji bwg besar
Setengah inci halia
Daging cincang separuh bungkus
200g makaroni
Corn oil
Cili padi 7 biji
Black pepper
Rempah kari daging separuh paket
Garam secukup rasa
3 sudu sos cili
2 sudu sos tomato
2 sudu sos tiram
7 biji telur

Cara2 :

Rebus makaroni sehingga al dente
Rebus bersama garam ye.

Tumbuk bwg putih n halia.
Potong dadu bwg besar dan carrot.
Hiris halus2 cili padi.

Tumiskan bwg putih n halia sehingga naik bau.
Masukkan daging cincang. Masak daging sepenuhnye.
Masukkan cili padi n bwg besar. Kacau2.
Masukkan rempah kari yg dah dilute dlm sedikit air. Make sure rempah kari tu pekat tau..macam paste. Tak boleh byk air. 
Masukkan sos2 semua. Adjust la lebih kurang utk dpt rasa yang ngam dgn tekak masing2.
Masukkan garam secukup rasa.
Kacau sehingga sebati dan kemudian masukkan makaroni dan gaul2.

Masukkan makaroni itu dlm baking tray.

Pukul telur macam nak buat telur dadar tu.
Tuang telur ke atas makaroni yg dah letak dlm baking tray tu.

Kemudian bakar dlm oven suhu 200 darjah celsius selama 20 minit.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the last day of 2013

Hi all.

Time flies so fast. Tiba2 dah 31st dec 2013. I am writing this entry while I am on board of the ETS train, heading to KL from Ipoh. I only have 2 days off; today n tomorrow. But still I insist to make this trip because I dont want to be spending the new year alone in Ipoh.

Lets recap the year 2013.

On this exact date last year, I broke up. I was crying and feeling sorry for myself on new year's eve. So the year didnt started too well for me. But then time heals all wound. I healed and became stronger. So now I am smirking while reminiscing the past.

The next eventful thing that I can recall is my transfer to Hosp Ipoh from Hosp Tapah. I was so devastated because my plan was to transfer back to KL from tapah, not further north to Ipoh. At this point of time, I have been working in ipoh for 7 months, in anaesthesia department. I dont hate my job but I dont love it either. It doesnt kill me to wake up every morning to go to work, so I guess that is good enough. I dream of having my own bakery+cafe one day. Be my own boss. Drink good coffee and tasty breads n pastries for breakfast everyday.

A few of my friends got married (that's not new news) and many started to have babies. I would say 2013 is baby years. Everyday on FB, I will see baby pictures. And I listen to conversations about babies, breastfeeding, pampers, weaning, breast pump and so on. I am not familiar with those and have no experience either, so most of the time I just shut up and listen (or read). Maybe one lucky day, insyaAllah, it will be me making such conversation.

I make new friends in Ipoh, Tan Huey Jiun. A sweet n pretty chinese girl from taiping. I keep asking her to wear short skirts and tight pants. Haha. We hang out every now and then after work. I love her company. She laughs a lot. She is like the early morning sun rays.

There is also Iman, my favorite housemate. Iman likes to cook and when she does, she always cook for me. She can prepare a meal from scratch in just 30 minutes, which I find very impressive. She always laugh so heartily. And she likes handsome guys, haha.

I remember clearly my vacation to Korea. Went there with hajar n iffah from 28th Nov to 3rd Dec 2013. It was so much fun. I wish money comes easily and we can go for another vacation soon. But hajar is getting married in June. I am going to lost another travel buddy. I am counting on iffah after this..ok pah? Hehe. I want to go to turkey and istanbul. And I also want to go visit atil in new york. I dont know when I will be able to safe enough money to travel to those places.

Atil's bachelorrete trip to Bukit Tinggi was fun too. We made wedding dress from toilet rolls. We coloured our hair with crayons and stained the hotel's bed sheet. Haha. Lucky we didnt get extra charge for that. Our hair became so hard and they tangled badly.

There is also trip to Malacca where we stayed at A'Famosa Resort. And there is the recent penang trip for iyas and farah's wedding. We went sight seeing in penang, walk all over georgetown searching for the street arts. They are actually murals painted on the wall at the back alleys in georgetown. Just imagine how difficult and exhausting it was to walk under the hot sun looking for those. But with great company, every thing became fun. We had lunch at china house, an interesting cafe located in one of penang's hystorical building. It has countless desserts placed on a long table, it felt like having a tea party in an old castle. Huhu.

The best wedding that I attended in 2013 was iyas and farah's wedding in Eastern and Oriental Hotel, Penang. It was an english, black-and-white themed wedding. The ladies came in dresses and the gentlemen in suits and tie. The hotel was pretty, the deco of the ballroom was stunning. The food presentation was amazing. And the bride and groom were gorgeous. The emcee and performers during the wedding were entertaining. I think it was a perfect wedding. It was like a reunion for my batch in UKM last time. For nearly 3 years we didnt see each other. The wedding brought us all back together.

Of course during joy and happiness, there will also be sadness and tears. A way Allah wants to remind us to remember Him. To Him we pray. To him we turn to always. May He eases the burden off the shoulders of my parents, my sisters and me. May He forgives our previous sins.

Wishing for a better year in 2014. Praying to be a better person. And to find a decent man to be my husband. Amin.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


Have you ever fall in love?
Do you know that you cant force a person to love you?
Love doesn't work that wayNo matter how much we love someone, if he doesn't love us back, We have to let him go
What is the point of having the physical body when the heart nor the love is not there?
For example, in the current hit drama Cinta Jangan Pergi starring the handsome Remy Ishak and the pretty Tiz Zaqyah. In the drama, Khalil is in love with Soraya. And there is this girl, Shireen who is obsessed with Khalil and she does every thinkable thing to make Khalil hers. Not only she doesnt get Khalil but she makes Khalil hates her.
Shireen said that we have to fight for the one we love.
Look darlings, we should only fight for the one we love when that person is in love with us too. So that we can live happily ever after just like Snow White and Cinderella.
Believe it or not, love fades.Sometimes it just disappear in the blink of an eye, as easy as clicking off a light switch. 
One second, he was in love with me.And the next, I am just a random girl he met at work.Treated me like I meant nothing. 
Oh yes it hurt like hell (exaggerating here. i'm sure hell hurt a gazillion times more)At first, I tried to get him back, make him love me again.I was hurting so much. 
But alas, thank God, Allah helped me to let him go, to be happy and move on with my life. 
Yes I still love him, but I have let him go.It is hard, it hurt so much, but everything is possible when I set my mind to it. And time will heal all wound.
Dengan mengingati Allah itu, hati akan menjadi tenang.
I am writing this to remind myself in future, that I should not chase love. Also, if I get hurt again, I want to be reminded that I can overcome the pain and be happy again.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

i want to help

I wish i can convince people, especially my family and friends and those i care about, about how important positive attitude and thinking will help to brighten up everything and subsequently makes us feel better. And when we feel better, we think better and we make better decision and it will be easier to cope with whatever problem that we have.

Every time we feel like we are at the lowest, or our problem is the biggest of all or we are the biggest loser, think of those who are terminally ill, those people on their death bed, those people in Iraq or Palestine who are being bombed every now and then. Think of those poor babies their ungrateful mommies flush down the toilet or throw in the garbage, think of those orphans and the poor who never get to wear new clothes as much as they please. Think of those whom have lost their loved ones in a sudden accident, think of parents who don't have enough money to buy food for their kids and don't have a house to live in.

Think of all those and you will see, how lucky you are. The fact that you are able to read this, either on the smart phones/laptop/PC/Ipad/tab is a good enough proof of how lucky your life is. By thinking all this, I feel ashamed every time I complain and cry over my so-called 'bad luck'.

Yes I know, it is easier said then done. But I did it. So why can't you do the same. Little by little, you will find that it gets easier. When there is a will, there is always a way.

Another way to feel better is, to surround ourselves with our loved ones and people with positive attitude. For this reason, I always love to travel back to Cheras where my grandmother and a lot of relatives stay. They always gather there during the weekends. Their presence bring me happiness. I forget my pain and problems.

Also, read good books; self-motivation books like Chicken Soup. When i broke up with my boyfriend, I read the Quran a lot and I bought many self-motivation books to help me stop whinning, stop crying my heart out and love myself  more. Of course every now and then I think of him, the pain never lessen but I don't cry so often anymore. Because I choose to heal and move on, I am able to do as such.

All I want to say in summary is that everything depends on our mind. The mind controls everything. Hence it is super duper important to have a positive mind. The mind will tell the heart to be positive and the body follows. And everything around will all be sunshine and rainbows, roses and tulips, diamonds and pearls.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

on a sunday morning

nobody is perfect.
we cant have everything in the world.

as for me, i dont have love.
i dont have that one person who cares for me and will ride high and low for me. 
yes, at times it is depressing. moreover with all my friends now having babies. 

my best friends, only hajar and iffah are left. and i think hajar will also get married soon cause she already has that someone who will cross the 7 seas for her.

what about encek zirafah?
oh we broke up, on new year.
how sad it was.
so every new year, i will be reminded of the pain, when the person i loved, left. 

and so i decided, not to fall in love again (yeahhh right. haha)
love hurts. and i went through it twice.
so no, no. no 3rd time for me please. 

oh i do want to get married.
i want to experience the wedding preparation, get to wear a wedding gown, and wedding make up. 
but i dont know it really possible to get married without falling in love?
hurmmmmm. will tell when the time comes. 

oh it is mother's day today.
happy mother's day mak :)